How to Hack Your Anxiety and Depression Through Your Gut

anxiety and depression

We’ve always been told both anxiety and depression are disorders of your brain, and the way to fix them is through modifying brain chemicals.

But what if that isn’t the way to fix it?

What if that’s just a band-aid covering the wound and hiding it away?

What if the problem is starting where you get that first ball of discomfort — deep down in the pit of your stomach.

You know that age-old advice of, “listen to your gut intuition”?

Well, you may want to listen to your gut when it comes to anxiety and depression as well.

What Are Anxiety and Depression?


For those of you that have never experienced an anxiety attack or a depressive state, it is really hard for you to understand the complexity of these disorders.


Everyone will experience anxiety to some degree in their lifetime.

Those butterflies in your tummy before a first date or when you pitched your first baseball game — those are a form of minor anxiety.

Anxiety disorders are a whole different ball game.

Anxiety disorders will take that feeling and magnify it to the point of physical sickness.

Some common