What Do World Champions Use For Gut Health?

NSF certified for sport gutWhen you use a NSF Certified for Sport gut health supplement, you get the same reassurances a professional athlete needs in terms of quality and pureness.

You don’t have to take chances or wonder what’s in your capsule when you stick with NSF Certified for Sport gut supplements.

Where does the NSF Certified for Sport label come from and what does it mean exactly?

You see, professional athletes have teams of doctors, physical therapists, coaches, and nutritionists to guide them through every detail of their life.

They are coached on and off the field.

Everything they put in their body matters because they are under strict guidelines from their respective industry. The NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA, and other professional sports leagues all dictate what is fair play in the world of sports.

Supplements are widely used for health enhancement but professional athletes have to be extra cautious.

In fact, in circumstances where dietitians, nutritionists, physical therapists, coaches, and doctors would and could normally recommend a supplement to the average person, they cannot do so with professional athletes.

Why’s that?

Because professional athletes undergo meticulous testing and examination to ensure their aren’t using illegal performance enhancing drugs.

There’s even stories of contaminated drug test results preventing athletes from doing their job – or worse ruining their season or career.

Supplements aren’t regulated by any industry so ensuring they are pure and free of contaminants has become an area of focus for professional sports.

This is how the NSF Certified For Sport label came to be.


What is NSF Certified for Sport?

The National Sanitation Foundation was founded in 1944 at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health.

Their mission is to standardize food safety requirements to improve global human health and meet the demands of athletes, coaches, and teams.

With over 270 banned substances that could potentially ruin a professional athlete’s career, it was an important step in reducing the chances an athlete could end up consuming something unintentionally.

This is why the NSF Certified for Sport is important, not only for athletes but also consumers.

It ensures supplements are carrying exactly what the label claims. Since its creation, thousands of products have been approved.

Most NSF certified products focus on speed and strength, even in the face of mounting evidence that gut health is of the utmost importance. Each day new research comes out that reveals how gut health has the power to impact overall health.

This is how Atrantil came to be the first and only NSF Certified for Sport gut health supplement for bloating.

When you purchase a NSF Certified for Sport gut focused supplement, you are getting a high quality, pure, regulated product.

The First NSF Certified for Sport Supplement for Bloating

The sheer volume of over-the-counter options for different health conditions can be overwhelming.

Not only are there a seemingly endless supply of vitamins, botanicals, and nutrients, knowing which meet a high standard consistently can feel near impossible to distinguish.

The NSF certification takes the guesswork out of supplementation.

Atrantil is the first and only supplement for bloating with the NSF seal.

To achieve this high caliber recognition, Atrantil and it’s facilities underwent scrupulous examination, including:

  • A complete audit of their production facilities
  • Review of the Atrantil formula
  • Ensuring no banned substances were included or even stored at the facility
  • Verifying the formula and production were in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Observation of in-house laboratories
  • Examination of formula sources and traceability
  • Complete toxicology review
  • Comparison of product composition to label
  • Ingredient review
  • Product testing

On top of this intensive application process, Atrantil’s product and laboratories are tested and analyzed on an annual basis. This ensures complete and thorough compliance.

Every NSF certified product is regularly tested for:

  • Microbiological factors
  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Label content verification
  • Disintegration
  • Banned substances

These ongoing tests aren’t limited to the laboratory examinations, NSF also tests marketplace samples to ensure production remains pure and true to manufacturer claims.

The NSF also monitors for any changes in formula, suppliers or processes.

Atrantil holds itself to the highest standards in supply, formulation, and processing.

The precision behind the NSF certification process is in alignment with the quality standards of Atrantil, which made it a no brainer for athletes to begin incorporating into their life.

Why Does NSF Certification Matter for You?

Products that carry the NSF certification are held to a rigorous standard that make them safe for professional athletes.

They are able to take NSF Certified for Sport gut focused supplements without fear that unknown elements are added without their knowledge. You get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with taking a supplement held to such strong safety standards.

There’s nothing that prevents the public from enjoying these high caliber supplements.

In fact, you can explore the NSF database for all of your over-the-counter needs to access the quality professional athletes appreciate.

Because organizations like the NFL and MLB needed new a way to ensure their athletes were protected from unregulated substances, the NSF Certified for Sport regulations were born – and are now accessible to you.

We at Atrantil are on a mission to improve gut health across the globe – starting with you.