SIBO, POTS, and Dysautonomias: A New Gut Connection

SIBO, POTS, and Dysautonomias

Oh the wonderful world of medicine – there’s always new connections being made, uncovering some truth about mysterious disorders.

A new connection emerging from research has shown a possible connection between the bacteria in your gut and dysautonomias, which are disorders coming from your autonomic nervous system.

This is still “hot off the press” research, but it’s worth looking into since your gut bacteria is easily manipulated through diet, supplements and environmental inputs – like exercise and stress levels.

You have multiple nervous systems who all talk to each other. Whether it be through hormones, enzymes, gut bacteria, electrolytes, or stressors – your entire body is connected.

Even when you’re sound asleep these factors are still on “work mode” keeping you alive through automatic movements.

Your gut is part of your enteric nervous system (ENS) consisting of 100 million neurons, tr