What Causes My Bloating? And How Do I Fix It?

What causes my bloating and how do I fix it?

We have all experienced bloating at one point or another.

And one thing we can all agree on, it is frustrating!

The abdominal discomfort, the achy stomach, the distended belly, are all annoying to say the least and debilitating at worst.

But how do you get rid of your bloating?

What is the cause of bloating?

Until now, common attempts at remedy such as not swallowing excess air or not eating gaseous vegetables were well-intentioned, but minimally effective at best. 

Their ineffectiveness stems from treating only the symptoms and failing to target the root cause.

Recent research indicates the cause of bloating and associated gut issues are due to bacteria

Specifically, bacteria in the wrong place

How Is Bloating Caused by Bacteria?

When bacteria multiply and hang out in the small intestine, they give off Hydrogen gas as a byproduct. 

Once there is a proliferation of Hydrogen, this causes another actor, the archaebacteria, to enter the scene.

The archaebacteria is a very old species of bacteria. 

They love Hydrogen and use it as a fuel source, giving off two other gases as byproducts; Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide

These gases have adverse effects on your body, causing bloating and abdominal discomfort alone or bloating and discomfort accompanied by diarrhea, constipation or both.  

Once Methane is present in the small intestine, it acts as a paralytic and causes the small intestine to slow down, which allows more bacteria and archaebacteria to accumulate. 

This in turn, releases more of the adverse gases and the cycle continues. 

Where once the small intestine was a free-flowing stream, we now have a stagnant pond.

Is All Bacteria Bad? 

No, not all bacteria is bad

In fact, bacteria is essential to the body to regulate many, many functions and help to make up the microbiome. 

There is not “good” or “bad” bacteria, instead just bacteria which can cause harm if it’s not in the right place. 

In the case of bloating, the bacteria colonize in the small intestine.  

However, the small intestine is supposed to be a relatively sterile environment. 

The bacteria is supposed to pass straight through the small intestine and go into the colon where they belong. 

So, when the bacteria is in the wrong place, they can produce harmful effects on the gut. 

How Do You Get Rid of the Bacteria and Bloating?

bloated lady

To eliminate bloating, three things must occur in the small intestine:

  1. You must get rid of the bacteria.
  2. You must get rid of the excess Hydrogen, so it cannot be converted to Methane (CH4) or Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S).
  3. You must get rid of the archaebacteria.

Once these three things are done, there is less bacteria to give off Hydrogen, and less Hydrogen to be made into Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide.

Now the small intestine becomes a hostile environment for the archaebacteria, causing the archaebacteria to return to the colon where it belongs. 

Altogether, this leaves the small intestine able to once again flow freely as a sterile environment.

Are There Any Treatments That Target Bloating?

Until now, all available treatments have targeted symptoms, not the root cause. 

Now that we know the root cause, products are becoming available to help. 

A few antibiotics on the market target the bacteria, but unfortunately, don’t touch the archaebacteria. 

Atrantil is the only currently available treatment that targets the bacteria, archaebacteria and Hydrogen.

Atrantil is the only natural, safe solution proven to get rid of abdominal bloating and discomfort, with or without change in bowel habits (diarrhea, constipation or both).  

No longer do you have to suffer with the dreaded belly bloat! 

Now we know there is a cause and there is a solution.  Have you been suffering for way too long?

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