Is my package of Atrantil NSF Certfied?

NSF Certified for Sport®

Products bearing the NSF’s Certified for Sport® mark have met the stringent composition and testing criteria shared by many of the most vigilant athletic governing bodies in the world.

For Atrantil specifically it verifies that the active ingredient claims have been analyzed, and every LOT of Atrantil produced will be tested to verify that only what is listed on the ingredient panel is what is found in the product composition, with no threat of contaminants (there are over 265 banned substances which are screened).

NSF’s Certified for Sport® Program helps athletes, coaches, dietitians and trainers make more informed decisions when choosing supplements.

The program is recognized by NFL, NFLPA, MLB, MLBPA, PGA, LPGA, NHL, CPSDA, Taylor Hooton Foundation and CCES. Athletes (professional/amateur) and non-athletes alike can use Atrantil without worry of possible contamination, and with confidence in the authenticity of the product.

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