When You’ve Had it Up to Here with Bloating, Abdominal Discomfort and Constipation, Try Atrantil

Atrantil is a new way to treat these frustrating symptoms without a prescription. Atrantil, a botanical extract that allows you to treat these common intestinal issues by attacking them at their source – in the small bowel. The good news, these symptoms are not in your head. Even better news, the solution you’ve been searching for is available today.

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  • Developed By a Board Certified Gastroenterologist
  • Unique Patented Molecular Combination
  • Targets Problem Bacteria at Its Source
  • Not a Probiotic
  • Not an Antibiotic
  • No Prescription Needed
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Atrantil Delivers Relief to Real People


  • Naomi

  • Margaret

  • Heidi

  • Randell

  • Stephanie

  • Jennifer

  • Dania

  • Jirinet

  • Lenora

  • Lynne

  • Naomi - Austin, TX
  • Margaret - Great Falls, VA
  • Heidi - Kalispell, MT
  • Randell - Farmers Branch, TX
  • Stephanie - Allen, TX
  • Jennifer - Fort Worth, TX
  • Dania - Flower Mound, TX
  • Jirinet - Plano, TX
  • Lenora - Arlington, TX
  • Lynne - Prosper, TX
  • After nearly 10 years of being gluten-free and 5 years of living the paleo lifestyle, I was heartbroken when my food choices were no longer providing relief to my chronic abdominal pain, brain fog, adult acne, histamine reactions and mood stabilization issues. I am grateful for Atrantil for giving me my life back. I am recommending it to everyone!   (Note: Individual results may vary)

  • I am amazed at Atrantril's effectiveness. I suffer from SIBO which brings extremely uncomfortable bloating and other gastric distress. I tried antibiotics and other herbals remedies to get rid of the SIBO but the symptoms would eventually come back. Only with Atrantil, if I take it consistently with every meal, are my SIBO symptoms consistently controlled. I am grateful that such a product exists and I recommend it to anyone suffering from SIBO and bloating. It even works well after a meal if you experience bloating and forgot to take it at the beginning of the meal. Thank you Atrantil.    (Note: Individual results may vary)

  • I can't live with out it. It's the only thing that alleviates my bloating and abdominal discomfort. Thank you!    (Note: Individual results may vary)

  • My gastroenterologist gave me a bottle of this wonderful supplement to help with my IBS symptoms. I have other abdominal issues possibly related to hernias but of all the meds and supplements I have tried over the last 16-18 months and thousands of dollars spent in ER's and doctors' visits and tests this stuff seems almost too good to be true! I would strongly encourage anyone that suffers with gas, bloating, stomach rolling, constipation and general abdominal discomfort to give it a try! It seems to have helped me greatly and it could be just what you've been searching for all along.    (Note: Individual results may vary)

  • Atrantil is the answer to my long search for a product that would help to alleviate my years constipation and bloating. I suffered from discomfort, lethargy, always feeling "full" and never having a flat stomach, no matter how many crunches I did! I LOVE this product!    (Note: Individual results may vary)

  • I was suffering from chronic pain with bouts of bowel blockages. I've been training for the year for a bikini competition and when the macros changed to high protein, I even questioned my efforts over the pain I was suffering. I've been taking Atrantil three times day and the bloating, blockages, and pain have subsided. It's truly a must have today in my training regimen.    (Note: Individual results may vary)

  • I can’t believe it – it actually works! The biggest improvement I’ve seen is the bloating gone and if there is some it goes away quickly. Before, once I bloated I was shot for the day. The next improvement is gas – that is almost gone. I’m almost afraid to admit its working for fear of jinxing it! :)    (Note: Individual results may vary)

  • This product has made me feel much better. My bloating is gone. I have more energy and also my appetite has decreased. No more abdominal discomfort or constipation either.    (Note: Individual results may vary)

  • Atrantil has been a life changer for me! I can wear the clothes I want again without looking bloated and self conscious and I no longer feel nauseated on a daily basis not to mention I’m finally regular!!    (Note: Individual results may vary)

  • After over 4 years I finally feel good again. No bloating and no stomach discomfort. I feel lighter and have my energy back.    (Note: Individual results may vary)