7 Easy New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

The new year is always a nice symbol of old things ending and fresh new beginnings. It’s a time for reflecting on what we are thankful for and the time we spent7 Easy New Years Resolutions for 2020

with our loved ones. It’s a time for remembering the shared memories and cherishing life a little more than usual. 

Now we can fight past the heartbreaks and downfalls of the previous year and leave them where they belong.

It’s exciting to think of what the year ahead of us holds and naturally, we like to try and control it a little bit. 

So we set New Year’s resolutions to try and set our paths for the things that will happen. We don’t want to follow the same life we did in the year prior, so we make sure to set goals to avoid that. 

How often do we stick to our resolutions, though? Often by the third week of January, we start slipping up. The excitement has worn off and it feels more like a job — and who has time for another one of those?

So here is our list of suggested resolutions that are easy to stick to and with some tips to make them even easier to keep up with!

But First, Some Suggestions

  1. Go in with an open mindset and without self-doubt.
  2. Get an accountability buddy that will actually keep you accountable.
  3. If you slip off for a little bit, don’t give up completely — get back at it.
  4. Don’t make it stressful. Allow yourself to have fun with your resolution.
  5. Set small goals that build-up to the bigger goals. Don’t overwhelm yourself with huge/unrealistic goals.
  6. Remember — and remind yourself daily — that you can do this!

Okay now that we’ve established some ground rules, let’s get to the good stuff!

Resolution #1: Incorporate Light Exercise into Your Routines

You don’t have to go overboard here. Start with small, easily achievable goals. 2020 Resolution Exercise bike

Begin with 2 times a week and work your way up. 

Remember, exercise doesn’t have to be full-blown marathon training or CrossFit workouts. 

Having a goal of just 10-20 minutes of moving around a day is a good way to start out and get your body accustomed to exercising again.

Make it fun! Put on your favorite music and dance around for 10 minutes, it’s fun and great cardio!

Resolution #2: Eat Healthy and Mindfully

We all know how to eat right for the most part, but it’s easier said than done.

Track what you’re eating in either a food journal or an app that you can log things on your phone. Once you start noticing just how much you’re eating, you’ll likely understand different trigger foods and why you might be struggling to lose weight.

Check out the labels on your foods too from time to time. Watch out for high sugar and sodium levels and notice what the serving size is.

Set a new goal for each week to eat at least one fruit every day or several veggie types a day. By easing into a new routine and out of your old one you’re more likely to make this a permanent life change and not just a short-term trial.

Make sure you’re getting your polyphenols to help muscle recovery, brain health, and boost antioxidant levels.

Resolution #3: Get Your Microbiome in Check

There are multiple ways to do this and tons of reasons as to why you’d want this to be a resolution. 

Healthy microbiomes mean your mental, emotional, and physical health are all in good shape as well. Your microbiome is considered your second brain for a reason.

Intermittent fasting, taking Atrantil (which is a prebiotic and a postbiotic), and regular moderate exercise all contribute to a healthy microbiome. 

Resolution #4: Focus on Your Mental Health and Stress Management

Your mental health is so important. More and more people are suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. Our fast-paced world, unhealthy foods, and exposure to more chemicals than ever are all contributing to this problem.

Practicing breathing techniques, doing yoga, eating healthy, exercising, and giving yourself some time just to relax is incredibly important to your mental health.

Saying “no” when you’re feeling overwhelmed is okay. Telling your friends you can’t go out is okay. You don’t have to justify your self-care.

Resolution #5: Drop Your Bad Habits

It doesn’t have to be all at once but drop the habits that keep you from being healthy or growing.Women choosing food

Smoking, drinking, overeating/snacking, and negative self-talk are all things you can work on to have a healthier 2020. 

Remember just focus on one at a time and set easily attainable goals for yourself. Don’t bite off more than you can chew with this one. 

Resolution #6: Get More Water and Sleep

Both of these are seriously easy goals to achieve. They just require a little bit of extra discipline — but the benefits of increasing both water intake and sleep duration are wonderful. 

Try to get to bed a half-hour earlier at night time and drink a glass of water before bed and upon waking up. You’ll notice a lot more energy and clarity throughout the day.

Resolution #7: Pick Up a Hobby/Learn Something New

Focusing your efforts to learn a new hobby or any type of learning is a great way to boost your spirits and exercise your brain. 

Your brain isn’t all uzzle-solving and math problems, it’s also artsy and creative and when you tap into both sides you’ll feel happier and more balanced. 

Look for local events or businesses that offer classes for something you’ve always wanted to try or learn. You’d be surprised how it can help your mood.

These are just a few of the many easy goals you can achieve to better your health this year. Decluttering, getting outside for 20 minutes a day, and avoiding chemicals are a few other great ones to consider.

What ways are you trying to improve your health in 2020? Need help trying to make it more easily achievable? Let us know in the comments below! 








7 Easy New Year\'s Resolutions for 2020