How Does Atrantil Work?

Woman holding Atrantil pill showing how to take AtrantilAtrantil is an all-natural botanical blend of hand-selected polyphenols that’s used for those suffering with bloating and abdominal discomfort, with/without diarrhea, constipation or both. 

If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above, you might want to stick around. 

There’s a reason your typical treatments aren’t working: mainly because they just mask your problem they don’t get to the root of the cause. 

We, at Atrantil, took a very serious look at the source of bloating. We worked for years on creating a product that actually works to stop the problem, not just hide the symptoms. 

That’s how Atrantil was born.

What is Bloating?

Let’s face it, bloating is downright embarrassing and most of us have experienced it at one time or another. 

Pains that make you double over or lose your breath and a protruding stomach that makes you look pregnant are typical symptoms of bloating or even just an ever-present feeling of fullness.

But what exactly is bloating and what causes it? 

In short, bloating is a buildup of gases in your gut. Your intestines pretty much turn into a balloon. They fill up with these gases and protrude.

But where are these gases coming from?

We know that certain foods tend to give us more bloating and gas than others. Foods like broccoli, beans, and milk tend to be more troublesome culprits than others.

These foods are all high in carbohydrates. But, carbohydrates aren’t the exact issue. 

The bacteria in our gut that love carbohydrates are the issue. 

The microbes in our guts work synergistically to break down our foods. They then create byproducts that are sent all throughout your body to repair and take care of your cells.

Different things in our lives can affect the balance of these microbes. Stress, antibiotics, and diet are some of the most common causes of microbial imbalance. 

When this imbalance happens, you can experience a plethora of issues. Bloating is one of these issues that happens with a gut microbiome imbalance.


Small-Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

A lot of times patients go to their doctor and are diagnosed with either SIBO or IBS. Research has now shown that what was once called IBS is actually bacterial overgrowth and they are now being treated as one and the same.

SIBO is exactly what its name implies — an overgrowth of bacteria in your small intestines. What its name doesn’t tell you is that there really shouldn’t be any bacteria hanging out in this area, to begin with. 

SIBO begins when you have a “triggering event”. This triggering event can be anything such as a high dose of antibiotics, surgery, stress/anxiety, etc.

Once a triggering event occurs, it causes the small intestine to slow down. 

This slowdown allows bacteria, that normally freely flow through the small intestine into the colon (where they belong), to hang out longer than they should in the small intestine.

The bacteria breakdown the starches you eat and then give off hydrogen as a byproduct.

Man having stomach painHydrogen-producing bacteria end up outnumbering the healthy bacteria in your gut. Certain bacteria are there to balance the hydrogen levels in your gut, but when imbalances happen the hydrogen production becomes too overwhelming for your body to compensate.

Once there is a proliferation of hydrogen in the small intestine, it allows for another actor to show up in the small intestine- the archaebacteria.  Archaebacteria are a special breed of microbes that don’t function like normal bacteria. 

Archaebacteria feed off of the hydrogen that has been produced and then give off methane as a byproduct. There is also another type of archae that give off hydrogen sulfide as a byproduct. 

The high production of methane and hydrogen sulfide is what causes the problems in your gut.

Methane causes the bloating and discomfort and acts as a paralytic as well. Only 20% of the methane can be absorbed by your body, so as your body tries to get rid of the rest of the methane, it acts as a paralytic in the colon, causing constipation.

On the other hand, the hydrogen sulfide causes diarrhea.

This is why typical treatments for IBS and SIBO, like Rifaximin and other antibiotics sometimes have no or minimal effect. Although, the antibiotics may help with the “normal” bacteria, they do not touch the archaebacteria because the archae have different structures.

Which is why we wanted to create a product that actually treats the whole problem.

That’s Why We Created Atrantil

Other products only look to fix the symptoms. If you just keep hiding your symptoms, you never really get rid of the problem. You can actually be causing yourself more problems in the long run by not fighting the cause of the symptoms.

Our top-notch researchers decided something needed to be done. A real fix needed to be created for our clients — and we were going to be the ones to do it.

How Atrantil Works to Stop and Prevent Bloating

Atrantil has three main ingredients. That’s all. If you don’t believe us, believe our NSF Certified for Sport badge.

Each ingredient was carefully selected to help the gut and inhibit the production of the gases

All three ingredients are natural. All three ingredients are packed to the brim with polyphenols that support overall body health. All three ingredients fight the root cause of your IBS/SIBO, bloating, and abdominal discomfort.

Our three incredible ingredients are:

  • Peppermint leaf
  • Quebracho colorado
  • Horse Chestnut

Peppermint Leaf

Peppermint is used in tons of different products because it’s so potent and beneficial to your health. Peppermint candies have long been used to calm upset stomachs and there is a great reason why — it works. 

Peppermint leaf was used in Atrantil to help to soothe and calm down inflammation in your gut to make way for our other ingredients to come in and take down the villains.

Quebracho Colorado

Quebracho colorado is an extremely powerful polyphenol that acts as a hydrogen sink

(In scientific terms, a sink is a product or part of the environment that absorbs substances.)

So Quebracho colorado sucks up excess hydrogen in your gut, like a vacuum cleaner, so that there is less hydrogen to be made into methane or hydrogen sulfide.

Secondly, it begins to compromise the lipid bilayer of archaebacteria, which basically means that it begins to make a hole in the cell wall to allow the horse chestnut to do its job.

Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut sort of sounds like the star of the show, but it really needs the other two ingredients to pave the way for it to have the incredible success it does in Atrantil.

Horse Chestnut finds where the cell wall of the archaebacteria has been compromised and then shuts down the methane or hydrogen sulfide-producing mechanism of the archaebacteria, rendering them useless. 

This creates a hostile environment for the archae and they go back into the colon where they belong.

The second function of the Horse Chestnut is that it has bactericidal properties, which start to remove the “normal” bacteria from the small intestine as well.

In all, Atrantil’s function is threefold:

  1. Gets rid of the hydrogen so that there is less hydrogen to be made into methane or hydrogen sulfide.
  2. Gets rid of the bacteria and gets it to go back into the colon.
  3. Gets rid of the archaebacteria so that it goes back into the colon where it belongs.

With theses 3 functions, Atrantil allows your small intestine to flow freely once again and allows the bacteria to go back to the colon where they belong- relieving you from your terrible symptoms.

How to Take Atrantil

When you start taking Atrantil, we suggest taking 2 capsules 3 times a day if you have daily persistent symptoms. For those with occasional symptoms, it can be taken on an as needed basis.

It can take some time for Atrantil to build up and employ its full effect for you. So we recommend giving it about 30 days before you decide it absolutely doesn’t work. 

We put Atrantil through two studies and both resulted in an 80% or higher success rate.

Once your symptoms are under control you may want to consider maintenance dosing to keep the problem from coming back and to support good gut health. 

Atrantil is a prebiotic (stimulates the growth of good bacteria) and a postbiotic (healthy byproducts to repair cells), so it offers your gut and body great benefits outside of SIBO related issues.

If Atrantil sounds right for you, click here to find out where you can find Atrantil in stores near you. 

**Always consult with your medical practitioner before adding any new supplements to your daily regimen.**

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How Does Atrantil Work?